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LatinXChem congratulates two of its members!


On behalf of the LatinXChem community, we would like to congratulate two of our members:

To Prof. Aldo Zarbin,  part of the organizing committee and one of the #LatinXChemNanoMat organizers, whom on July 12, was granted the National Order of Scientific Merit by Luciana Santos, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, president of Brazil.

Aldo Zarbin.jpeg

And also, to Ana Cristina García, one of the #LatinXChemInorg organizers, who was recognized by the American Chemical Society as one the 2023 CAS Future Leaders.

"Julia Language
for Computational Chemists"

Leticia Maria Pequeno Madureira is an acclaimed Brazilian Computational Chemist and specialist in Quantum Chemistry, that has carved a niche in the scientific world. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at CMU, she's recognized as a significant contributor to the development of the Julia programming language, with her efforts primarily centered on creating pivotal educational resources.


Leticia's upcoming course will offer an invaluable opportunity for students and professionals alike. Not only will participants learn Julia programming applied to computational chemistry, but they will also gain insights from her unique journey. As a Latina woman making strides in U.S. academia, her experiences paint a compelling narrative of resilience and ambition.

Coming soon...
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