Webinars 2021

This year, as is tradition, we will also have a series of webinars during the week of #LatinXChem2021. We have organized nine talks with researchers from all over the world.

We hope you enjoy them!

September 21

10:00 hrs. (GMT -5)

Liliana Quintanar

Cinvestav, Mexico

Metal-protein interactions in degenerative diseases: From the brain to the human lens

11:00 hrs. (GMT -5)

Diego Solís

UNAM, Mexico

"Everything you did NOT want to know about perovskites (and are afraid to ask)"

12:00 hrs. (GMT -5)

Miguel Ángel García-Garibay


"Sunlight, water and nanocrystals: The photo[organic]synthesis of complex natural products"

September 22

11:00 hrs. (GMT -5)

Jesús M. Velázquez

UC-Davis, USA

"Establishing Compositional Control in 2D and 3D Metal Sulfide Electrocatalysts to Drive CO2 and CO Conversion to Alcohols"

12:00 hrs (GMT -5)

Ana Flavia Nogueira



"Metal halide perovskites: a journey through structure, properties and stability"

September 23

11:00 hrs (GMT -5)

Erick Carreira

ETH Zürich, Switzerland


"Avances recientes en las estrategias y tácticas hacia los metabolitos secundarios complejos"

12:00 hrs (GMT -5)

Fernanda Duarte

University of Oxford 

"Understanding selectivity and inhibition in SARS-CoV-2 Mpro – A team effort"

September 24

11:00 hrs (GMT -5)

Rudolph Marcus

Caltech, USA

Reaction rate theory: from electron transfer reactions to biological motors.

12:00 hrs (GMT -5)

Roald Hoffmann

Cornell University

"More about Mme. Lavoisier than M. Lavoisier"